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Prevent, stop, or reverse the effects of bone loss with dental implants services in Brampton, ON

Teeth and dental implant isolated on green background. 3d illustration

You’ve come to the right place to smile confidently and to chew without pain. Dental implants services at Kensington Dental in Brampton, ON prevent the devastating consequences of missing teeth. In fact, this tooth replacement approach that mimics the structure and design of natural teeth can even reverse the effects of bone loss. The process of bone loss (resorption) occurs when teeth are missing. Biting and chewing preserve bone density and strength. When teeth are not present to transmit the natural forces from chewing and other functions, bone is gradually lost. Bone deterioration or resorption alters bone structure, resulting in … Continue reading

Smiles sparkle with Brampton teeth whitening services that really work

Bright teeth

Research supports what many of us already know – white, stain-free teeth are equated with an attractive appearance. Transforming teeth from drab and discoloured to a sparkling yet still natural-looking smile with Brampton Teeth Whitening Services at Kensington Dental offers one of the fastest, easiest, and most affordable ways to transform your look and take away years from your appearance. Bottom line: A beautiful smile looks great on everyone, regardless of age or distinctive facial features. Professional results for all stains Technically, whitening treatment refers to restoring teeth to their natural colour. It’s largely effective on surface stains. This type … Continue reading

Brampton, ON patients enjoy beautiful and healthy smiles with dental bridges, other tooth replacement options

Tooth supported fixed bridge. Medically accurate 3D illustration

Creating and maintaining beautiful smiles at Kensington Dental starts with preventive products and techniques. This approach includes recall appointments to prevent the need for replacing or restoring teeth. Quality, durable dental bridges in Brampton, ON are also preventive in nature; by replacing teeth now rather than later, you avoid the many unwanted effects of missing teeth: Imbalances that alter how you chew food Shifting, crowding, and misalignment as neighbouring teeth move into the gap Temporomandibular joint disorder-related symptoms, such as headaches, facial and neck pain, and jaw locking due to imbalances Bone loss, which occurs when the supportive hard tissues … Continue reading

Prevent, resolve gum disease gently with proactive and advanced treatment options in Brampton ON

Doctor keeps a card with the name of the diagnosis

Almost 1 of every 4 adults in Canada either has had or currently has moderate to severe gum disease. The words “moderate” and “severe” represent an important distinction; gum disease can start as inflamed and red tissues (or gingivitis) and progress to periodontitis. In its more advanced stage, gums separate from the tooth to form spaces (pockets). Bacteria gather in the spaces between the teeth and gums. Eventually, teeth become loose, or an infection may become so bad that treatment cannot save the tooth. Since it’s a progressive condition, the good news is there are many opportunities for gum disease … Continue reading

Dental crowns and other restorative service are customised to your needs and preferences at Kensington Dental

Dental crown installation process, Medically accurate 3d illustration

Dental crowns may seem like a “go-to” procedure for badly-damaged and badly-decayed teeth. While versatile, Kensington Dental understands the progressive nature of oral conditions like decay. Not all patients benefit from dental crowns, however many patients benefit from restorative services at Kensington Dental. Restorative dentistry refers to crowns and a wide range of other procedures. Imagine any way your tooth can be restored to its natural beauty and function, and it probably falls under the restoration category. Generally, Dr. Deepak Joshi and his associates practice conservative dentistry. A more conservative type of restoration is recommended before an invasive or fuller … Continue reading

Enjoy the beauty, health of personalized dental crowns treatment in Brampton, ON

Health of personalized dental crowns treatment in Brampton

Advanced dentistry allows Kensington Dental to rebuild teeth to health and beauty. Dr. Deepak Joshi and his skilled team replicate natural form and function by retaining as much tooth structure as possible. The more natural tooth structure retained, generally the less invasive the procedure. As it relates to crowns, a type of restoration known as a partial crown may be recommended to reconstruct a damaged tooth conservatively. While these conservative procedures certainly have their benefits, dental crowns treatment in Brampton ON at our office varies person to person. We take a long-term view of both cosmetic and restorative treatment. For … Continue reading

The best ways to keep your gums healthy, explained by a dentist in Brampton ON

One of the best ways to keep your gums healthy is to see a dentist in Brampton ON.

Brampton, ON patients searching for a “dentist near me” are usually looking for ways to improve oral health. Do I have cavities? Are my teeth straight enough? Shouldn’t they be brighter? We frequently hear these and similar questions. However, there is another important, and often forgotten, question. Are my gums healthy? Never underestimate the importance of periodontal health Gum disease is preventable, and it is easily treatable when detected early. Yet, about half of Canadian adults have some form of gum disease. In fact, it is so prevalent that it is the leading cause of adult tooth loss. Why aren’t … Continue reading

Brampton, ON dental office loves the results and reviews it gets for our professional teeth whitening!

Dr. Deepak Joshi, located in Brampton, ON, can give you information on teeth whitening treatment results and reviews.

In today’s world, most consumers research something before purchasing or ordering a service. While some dental procedures are necessary (such as fillings), others could be considered optional. Teeth whitening falls into this category. If you are searching for results and reviews about teeth whitening, we understand! Kensington Dental, located in Brampton, ON, encourages patient education. We want you to know the specifics of any dental service you get. We love the results our patients see with our professional cosmetic dental solutions. We’re more than happy to meet with you for a consultation about our teeth whitening treatments and the results … Continue reading

Your dental implants questions in Brampton, ON, answered: “What is the tooth implant procedure”

Dr. Joshi and his team’s dental implants procedure to rebuild teeth in Brampton

Dental implants in Brampton, ON vary from person to person. But all Kensington Dental patients should expect some of the same steps in the process and enjoy the many benefits of implant-supported teeth.   What is the tooth implant procedure? To understand the process is to first understand dental implants as an advanced alternative to conventional types of tooth replacement. Patients who were missing a single tooth or several teeth have traditionally received dental bridges or partial dentures. With bridges, the replacement tooth relies on neighbouring teeth for strength. As such, the teeth on each side of the gap must … Continue reading

Why damage your gums when professional teeth whitening can get results – safely – in Brampton?

Teeth Whitening in Brampton

Get a dazzling smile with teeth whitening in Brampton ON. Kensington Dental’s options work when the myriad of off-the-shelf products fail to provide satisfactory results. Some people ask, “Can teeth whitening damage gums?” Some products and poor techniques can damage gums; therefore, it is best to have your teeth whitening supervised by a professional. The many products that claim to whiten are generally divided into a couple of groups: Whitening for surface stains Bleaching The items you most often hear about on TV or in magazines usually fall into the first category. They include toothpastes formulated with abrasive ingredients that … Continue reading