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Teeth Whitening

Brampton patients can revive their smiles with teeth whitening at Kensington Dental Office!

One of the most common problems to affect the smile is discoloration. Teeth may become dull, then turn yellow, as a result of your morning cup of coffee or tea or your love of red wine. In reality, stains may come from a number of different sources, from tobacco to colored soda or even berries. Dull, dark teeth make your smile look old. Reviving the color of your teeth is easy when you visit Dr. Joshi and the team at Kensington Dental Office in Brampton, where we offer two different methods to suit your needs.

The science of discoloration

Teeth look very hard on the surface, which they are. However, there are thousands of tiny pores in the enamel. Day by day, microscopic particles from foods and beverages enter these pores where your toothbrush cannot reach. To remove such stains requires a suitable bleaching agent, one found only in your dentist’s office.

Professional teeth whitening gets results

Throughout history, numerous methods of lightening the teeth have been tried. Ancient civilizations would rub pumice onto teeth, but this caused a great deal of erosion, which cost many people their teeth. In recent centuries, they attempted to whiten teeth by etching them, or scratching the surface, before applying some type of bleach, which did more harm than good. Today, we have the precise concentrations of peroxide to achieve beautiful results without damaging teeth or gums. Treatment may be performed in our office or at home.

Home whitening

Teeth whitening was originally designed for home use. Using impressions of your teeth, we create a custom-fit tray which will hold professional-grade whitening gel. As directed by your dentist, trays containing bleaching gel will be worn. How long you wear trays is up to you. If sensitivity occurs, you may want to apply gel for shorter periods of time. For faster results, you may wear trays for a longer period of time.  After a week to two weeks, your teeth will be noticeably whiter and more radiant.

In-office whitening

Some patients prefer to let us do the work for them, which we are happy to do! In-office treatment is meticulous, protecting the lips, gums, and eyes. After we apply concentrated whitening gel onto teeth, we direct a light to maximize its activity. Whitening gel is left on for several minutes. To achieve deeper results, we may perform the process several times. Sometimes multiple treatments can be performed in one sitting. Other times, we may schedule a second or third visit to reach brighter shades.

Don’t let dull, yellow teeth stand in the way of your desire to smile. Call Kensington Dental Office to schedule your teeth whitening treatment today.

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