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New Patients

What to expect when you first visit Kensington Dental Office

It is our desire to provide you and your family with personal dental care that helps you enjoy optimal oral health.

When you first visit one of the experienced dentists at Kensington Dental Office, you will receive a comprehensive consultation and examination that evaluates your teeth as well as your gums and the soft tissues.

Digital x-rays are taken to provide us with detailed information of structures we cannot see in our manual exam. We use digital equipment because it is fast, comfortable, precise, and much lower in radiation emissions than standard x-ray imaging.

The data that we gather during your initial examination will be used to develop a treatment plan designed around your needs. We will address immediate concerns as quickly as possible and then work with you to maintain your oral health throughout your lifetime.

Prevention is key to healthy teeth and gums

We place a great deal of importance on prevention in our office. Measures may be instituted from your very first visit or after we have addressed existing dental problems. Through routine examinations and cleanings, we aim to protect your teeth, gums, and existing dental work for many years. Routine care enables us to quickly identify potential problems and address them before they become painful and expensive to treat.

Want to know more?

We are happy to answer your questions. You may reach a friendly member of our staff when you call (855) 452-7785.