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Dental Crowns

Patients in the Brampton area benefit from customized dental crowns at Kensington Dental Office!

When restoring a tooth, Dr. Joshi considers the most conservative options first. When necessary, a dental crown will be designed to precise specifications.

Why might we recommend a dental crown?

Crowns are intended to preserve a natural tooth that has been damaged by injury, extensive decay, or has a large filling. This restoration is sometimes referred to as a “cap” because it fully covers a tooth, fitted right to the gum line. A well-made crown, which may be made from various materials, such as gold or porcelain (tooth coloured), will act as a cushion between the natural tooth and force of biting and chewing.  This prevents further damage to the fragile structure beneath.

Planning care around each individual

At Kensington Dental Office, we take the time necessary to achieve lasting results for each of our patients. We respect that you have numerous options for where you receive dental care, and we do not take it lightly that you have trusted us with your oral health. When damage is detected, we will consider how we may repair it with a filling, inlay, onlay, or bonding. If none of these options are sufficient, or if you have undergone root canal therapy, we will discuss your options for a dental crown.

Your crown will be made to replicate the natural curvature of the tooth that requires repair. We accomplish a high degree of customization using dental impressions as a guide. The model is sent to a dental lab where an experienced ceramist carves and shapes your crown from durable materials that replicate the appearance of a natural tooth.

Some of the materials considered include gold and porcelain. For cost-effective treatment that still has esthetic value, many patients consider the option of a porcelain-fused-to-metal crown. This restoration has a substructure made of metal alloy. The porcelain overlay gives it a lifelike appearance while the base provides the strength needed for chewing. Gold crowns cost a bit more up front, but they often last several decades, if not for life.  Teeth that are visible in the smile are best repaired with all-porcelain crowns because this option looks natural and will not develop a dark line at the gums.

Dr. Joshi performs crown treatment with attention to detail that achieves a natural appearance without compromising durability. If you need a routine exam or treatment for a damaged tooth, we can help. Call our office today for a convenient appointment time.

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