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Dental Bridges

Brampton dentist Dr. Joshi designs bridges for esthetic value and durability.

Multiple solutions exist for tooth loss. At Kensington Dental Office, we encourage patients not to forgo tooth replacement. Nature designed the mouth to contain a certain number of teeth. Without this, chewing can become imbalanced; teeth may shift out of place due to the large gap leading to difficult to clean areas. This may result in decay and gum disease of the teeth in this area. Rather than suffer the long-term consequences of tooth loss, consider how a dental bridge can restore the function and healthy appearance you deserve.

There are three options for replacing one or more missing teeth: bridgework, dentures, and dental implants. We offer all three methods, each of which we perform to high standards for lasting functionality. During your consultation for tooth replacement, Dr. Joshi will discuss these options, providing you with the details you need to make an informed decision about your dental care.

If you choose to replace missing teeth with a dental bridge, you can choose which type of bridge is best suited to your needs and the materials that fit into your goals and your budget. Material is an important choice and may be based on lifestyle habits as well as dental conditions such as bruxism. People who grind or clench their teeth will require ultra-durable materials. One of the most popular types of treatment is the fixed bridge.

The fixed dental bridge is, as it sounds, fixed into place. When you chew, brush, speak, and smile, your replacement tooth or teeth should feel very natural. This is because the fixed bridge is stabilized by the natural teeth on each side of the space where you have lost a tooth. In order to prepare for this restoration, the teeth that will anchor the bridge will need to be reduced slightly. This step creates the best possible fit for the crowns that will be affixed to them.

After preparing teeth, impressions will be taken to create a model of the treatment area. This model will be used by an experienced ceramist, who will fabricate crowns and artificial teeth as needed to replicate natural oral structure. It is important that new teeth fit into the arch as well as against opposing teeth so discomfort does not occur when chewing. Before affixing the bridge onto teeth, we perform a thorough assessment to make sure we have achieved the ideal fit.

If you have damaged teeth, there are ways for the team of Kensington Dental Office to repair teeth that are chipped and cracked without having to remove the tooth itself. This may include root canal therapy to save the tooth, large fillings with composite resin bonding, or the placement of a dental crown over the top of the tooth structure to offer an extra layer of protection. All of these methods are available in our practice and Dr. Joshi can determine which solution is best for a patient based on their unique and specific dental care needs.

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