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Root Canals

Root canal treatment in our Brampton office can help you keep your natural teeth.
Root canal treatment is a straightforward procedure that enables us to help you find fast relief from tooth pain caused by injury or decay.  We understand that a toothache can be very distressing, and we provide the prompt care you need to regain comfort. Using the latest technology and gentle techniques, our root canal specialist Dr. Jonathan Ee performs root canal treatment with a high rate of success. 

Many patients have the perception that root canal therapy hurts. This procedure is, perhaps, the most misunderstood in dentistry. Its reputation was earned many years ago, before modern anesthetic techniques had been perfected. The idea that treatment is painful may partially stem from the discomfort that comes before treatment, the toothache that develops when the pulp nerve at the center of the tooth becomes infected.
At Kensington Dental Office, patients learn very quickly that root canal therapy does not hurt!

We assist you in resolving pain, not add to it. Root canal therapy is performed under local anesthetic. Just like when you get a filling, we numb the treatment area before commencing our work. We ensure that you are completely comfortable before we begin, as well as throughout your procedure.

The root canal procedure

The purpose of performing a root canal is to remove infection from the center of a tooth. This involves removing all areas of damage. We then make a small opening to the center of the tooth, where infection has been causing pain. The tissues that lie in a canal in this area are removed. Canals are then sterilized and to ensure no further infection, filling material is placed into sterilized canals, sealing them.

Because the treated tooth no longer receives blood flow or nutrients, it can become brittle. To protect it from damage, we will cover it with a crown. Until your final crown is ready, you will wear a temporary restoration.

The experienced team at Kensington Dental Office wants to help you enjoy a healthy, happy smile. Call our office today to schedule your visit.