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Prevent, resolve gum disease gently with proactive and advanced treatment options in Brampton ON

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Almost 1 of every 4 adults in Canada either has had or currently has moderate to severe gum disease. The words “moderate” and “severe” represent an important distinction; gum disease can start as inflamed and red tissues (or gingivitis) and progress to periodontitis. In its more advanced stage, gums separate from the tooth to form spaces (pockets). Bacteria gather in the spaces between the teeth and gums. Eventually, teeth become loose, or an infection may become so bad that treatment cannot save the tooth.

Since it’s a progressive condition, the good news is there are many opportunities for gum disease treatment in Brampton ON at the office of Dr.Deepak Joshi. At Kensington Dental they can detect the disease early, halting the progression of gingivitis, which ultimately leads to destructive periodontitis (without appropriate intervention). If detected and treated early on, the dental team can even reverse the effects of gingivitis.

Effective treatment, at every stage

While the best approach to gum disease is prevention, there are many ways to address existing gingivitis or periodontitis. Gum disease treatment in at Kensington Dental office depends partly on the stage of disease, which is identified by examining your mouth. Drs. Joshi and his associates are trained to look for red or bleeding gums, and pockets between the teeth and soft tissues where the gums have pulled away. The pockets themselves are measured. The deeper the depth of the pocket, the greater the risk of infection and permanent, irreversible damage.

These recall appointments are all the more important when patients recognize that gum disease often goes unnoticed in its earliest stages. Gum disease is known as a “silent” condition because it develops so slowly and insidiously. By the time you may be aware of it, you may already be in danger of losing your teeth. Dentists are trained to spot the subtle signs, helping you avoid the pain, costs, and long-term functional and health consequences of periodontal disease.

It’s thought bacteria associated with periodontitis may enter the bloodstream via gum tissue. The harmful bacteria once limited to your oral cavity can now set up residence in other parts of your body. In fact, when compared to patients without periodontal disease, the Canadian Academy of Periodontology reports those with the condition are:

  • Twice as likely to die from a heart attack
  • 7 times more likely to deliver premature, underweight babies
  • More likely to have uncontrolled diabetes, because they are challenged to manage blood sugar levels
  • At greater risk of developing respiratory problems, and conditions like rheumatoid arthritis
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Treatment, without surgery

A thorough, professional cleaning can remove plaque and calculus (tartar) that is too hard to be removed with “home” techniques and tools alone, such as daily brushing and flossing. A routine check-up may also bring to light the need to repair worn or broken restorations, which may allow bacteria to flourish.

Patients with gingivitis or deeper periodontal pockets can be treated with scaling and root planing. The surfaces of the tooth roots are carefully cleaned to remove stubborn tartar. As the roots of the teeth are smoothed, bacteria are also removed. The process may be followed by antibiotics or other medications designed to kill or stop the growth of harmful germs. Trays or dental appliances can even be custom-fitted to your mouth, so prescription medicines effectively reach the source of your gum infection.

Gentle surgical options

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Kensington Dental patients have peace of mind, knowing there are treatment options for every stage of the condition and suitable to each patient. Patients with more advanced cases of gum disease may benefit from other methods when their tissues fail to respond to home approaches and non-surgical treatments.

Since our dentists prefer to use a “light touch,” they’ve invested in laser technology to gently treat the pockets between the teeth and gums by killing harmful bacteria. As a light-based therapy, lasers don’t involve cutting and are considered to be a minimally-invasive approach to treatment. These types of treatments are generally well-tolerated and promote healthy and fast healing. “Conventional” surgery might involve removing a piece of tissue from your mouth and “relocating” it to the treatment area, so the grafted tissue covers teeth roots.

Gum disease doesn’t resolve on its own, without treatment. Don’t delay getting the customized approach you need to keep your smile looking and feeling its beautiful, healthy best. Call (905) 791-7549 today to schedule an appointment at the Kensington Dental’s Brampton ON office.