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Prevent, stop, or reverse the effects of bone loss with dental implants services in Brampton, ON

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You’ve come to the right place to smile confidently and to chew without pain. Dental implants services at Kensington Dental in Brampton, ON prevent the devastating consequences of missing teeth. In fact, this tooth replacement approach that mimics the structure and design of natural teeth can even reverse the effects of bone loss. The process of bone loss (resorption) occurs when teeth are missing. Biting and chewing preserve bone density and strength. When teeth are not present to transmit the natural forces from chewing and other functions, bone is gradually lost. Bone deterioration or resorption alters bone structure, resulting in … Continue reading

Your dental implants questions in Brampton, ON, answered: “What is the tooth implant procedure”

Dr. Joshi and his team’s dental implants procedure to rebuild teeth in Brampton

Dental implants in Brampton, ON vary from person to person. But all Kensington Dental patients should expect some of the same steps in the process and enjoy the many benefits of implant-supported teeth.   What is the tooth implant procedure? To understand the process is to first understand dental implants as an advanced alternative to conventional types of tooth replacement. Patients who were missing a single tooth or several teeth have traditionally received dental bridges or partial dentures. With bridges, the replacement tooth relies on neighbouring teeth for strength. As such, the teeth on each side of the gap must … Continue reading

Patients searching for tooth replacement in Brampton ask, “Are Dental Implants Permanent?”

Tooth Replacement, Kensington Dental

To understand the benefits of dental implants in Brampton at the office of Dr. Deepak Joshi you need to understand the ways teeth have conventionally been replaced. How new teeth are supported makes the significant difference between conventional and advanced options, and is a good starting place for answering the question of “Are Dental Implants Permanent?” Bridges: The traditional go-to option for one tooth or a few teeth The idea is to bridge the space where a tooth used to be with a false tooth, known as a pontic. To do so, dentists fuse the pontic to two dental crowns. … Continue reading

Dental implant supported bridges are a cost-effective solution for patients missing teeth in Brampton

cost-effective solution for patients missing teeth in Brampton

Dental implants and bridges have both stood the test of time as a reliable answer to missing teeth. Patients who are missing teeth experience changes in both appearance and functionality of the smile. Suddenly, simple everyday tasks such as biting, chewing, and speaking are no longer easy. This can be frustrating and embarrassing to patients. At Kensington Dental, we believe our patients deserve options for replacing teeth that fit within their budget and lifestyle. Dental bridges have long been a cost-effective way to restore lost functionality and return beauty to the smile. These prosthetic appliances consist of a support structure … Continue reading

Brampton residents ask, “What are teeth implants?”

Kensington Dental What are teeth implants

Our goal at Kensington Dental is to give our patients natural and functional options for tooth restoration. At our office, we utilize state of the art equipment and proven technology to deliver high quality care for patients in the Brampton area. When faced with tooth loss, patients have several options for restoration such as dentures, bridges or implants. Deciding which one is best can be overwhelming. We work with all of our patients to help them choose the option that fits within their budget and will meet their desired goals. These days, we see more and more patients opting for … Continue reading