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Smiles sparkle with Brampton teeth whitening services that really work

Bright teeth

Research supports what many of us already know – white, stain-free teeth are equated with an attractive appearance. Transforming teeth from drab and discoloured to a sparkling yet still natural-looking smile with Brampton Teeth Whitening Services at Kensington Dental offers one of the fastest, easiest, and most affordable ways to transform your look and take away years from your appearance. Bottom line: A beautiful smile looks great on everyone, regardless of age or distinctive facial features. Professional results for all stains Technically, whitening treatment refers to restoring teeth to their natural colour. It’s largely effective on surface stains. This type … Continue reading

Brampton, ON dental office loves the results and reviews it gets for our professional teeth whitening!

Dr. Deepak Joshi, located in Brampton, ON, can give you information on teeth whitening treatment results and reviews.

In today’s world, most consumers research something before purchasing or ordering a service. While some dental procedures are necessary (such as fillings), others could be considered optional. Teeth whitening falls into this category. If you are searching for results and reviews about teeth whitening, we understand! Kensington Dental, located in Brampton, ON, encourages patient education. We want you to know the specifics of any dental service you get. We love the results our patients see with our professional cosmetic dental solutions. We’re more than happy to meet with you for a consultation about our teeth whitening treatments and the results … Continue reading

Why damage your gums when professional teeth whitening can get results – safely – in Brampton?

Teeth Whitening in Brampton

Get a dazzling smile with teeth whitening in Brampton ON. Kensington Dental’s options work when the myriad of off-the-shelf products fail to provide satisfactory results. Some people ask, “Can teeth whitening damage gums?” Some products and poor techniques can damage gums; therefore, it is best to have your teeth whitening supervised by a professional. The many products that claim to whiten are generally divided into a couple of groups: Whitening for surface stains Bleaching The items you most often hear about on TV or in magazines usually fall into the first category. They include toothpastes formulated with abrasive ingredients that … Continue reading

Brampton, ON area patients can enjoy in-office teeth whitening service

in-office teeth whitening service

Dr. Deepak Joshi of Kensington Dental knows how important it is for patients to have a brilliant, beautiful smile. Discolored teeth negatively impact the appearance of the smile and make some patients feel self-conscious when they laugh, speak, or smile at others. This can cause embarrassment and reduced self-esteem for those who want to look their absolute best in social situations. At this point, a dentist may strongly recommend the benefits of professional teeth whitening services. What teeth whitening options are available? Patients seeking a brighter smile are welcome to schedule a consultation appointment with Dr. Deepak Joshi. The team … Continue reading