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Dental crowns and other restorative service are customised to your needs and preferences at Kensington Dental

Dental crown installation process, Medically accurate 3d illustration

Dental crowns may seem like a “go-to” procedure for badly-damaged and badly-decayed teeth. While versatile, Kensington Dental understands the progressive nature of oral conditions like decay. Not all patients benefit from dental crowns, however many patients benefit from restorative services at Kensington Dental. Restorative dentistry refers to crowns and a wide range of other procedures. Imagine any way your tooth can be restored to its natural beauty and function, and it probably falls under the restoration category. Generally, Dr. Deepak Joshi and his associates practice conservative dentistry. A more conservative type of restoration is recommended before an invasive or fuller … Continue reading

Enjoy the beauty, health of personalized dental crowns treatment in Brampton, ON

Health of personalized dental crowns treatment in Brampton

Advanced dentistry allows Kensington Dental to rebuild teeth to health and beauty. Dr. Deepak Joshi and his skilled team replicate natural form and function by retaining as much tooth structure as possible. The more natural tooth structure retained, generally the less invasive the procedure. As it relates to crowns, a type of restoration known as a partial crown may be recommended to reconstruct a damaged tooth conservatively. While these conservative procedures certainly have their benefits, dental crowns treatment in Brampton ON at our office varies person to person. We take a long-term view of both cosmetic and restorative treatment. For … Continue reading

Brampton, ON area dentist describes the purpose of dental crowns

purpose of dental crowns

Patients in the area of Brampton, ON visiting Kensington Dental have a well known dentist in the area at their fingertips! Dr. Deepak Joshi and his team of professionals assist patients with a wide range of dental services. From cleanings and examinations to full mouth reconstruction and laser therapies, patients can rest easy knowing they’ve chosen a trusted dentist to provide them with a lifetime of beautiful smiles. Certain restorations may be required to maintain the health and wellness of the smile, in addition to addressing aesthetic issues. Dental crowns play an important role in general and cosmetic dentistry and … Continue reading